Want to open a Med Spa? Don't know where to start?

Or become familiar with overall facility requirements?

Let me walk with you! So it won't take you the 5 years it took me.

A generic list from others or a one on one consultation you could pay $150 up to $800+ for the details in this 12 page pdf.

This Report Provides:

Spa facility requirements: licensing, sales tax, insurance, treatment rooms
Software recommendations
Equipment recommendations
Staff license/certifications to use equipment
Additional services to offer (suggestions & why)
Bonus marketing tips (examples)
Summary of consumables for equipment suggestions

(These details are provided based on strict state guidelines (ex. CA & FL), you can contact contournetics for a consultation for more specific or review your specific state to confirm the exact licensing requirements for treatments)

Pro Tip:

This is usually reserved for my one on one clients. When you review your states guidelines you can find them under the department that issued your license and DORA. Some states have the list of limitations listed under the type of technology or how deep it penetrates. This is where understanding how the equipment you use works before you purchase helps to ensure you stay within your state licensing guidelines.

Some types of technology are still in a grey area (such as ultrasound) so guidelines have not been updated. It is recommended that all ultrasound cavitation providers plan for the future, they may need to eventually have a medical director.

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